Look of the Day – 17th December

O look de hoje é bem simples e me lembra de piqueniques (:

Today’s look is really simple and reminds me of picnics! (:

Detalhe tiara: / Headband detail:

A tiara deu um toque fofo na roupa, enquanto a bolsa dourada (bem estilo it-bag) dá aquele “up” e enche o look de personalidade!

The heandbang makes the look a lot cuter, whilst the golden bag (which I find to be really it-bag style) makes the look full of personality!

Saia xadrez/Plaid skirt: CORI

Regata/tank top: Aeropostale

Cinto/belt: Mango

Sapatilha/ballet flats: Ana Capri

Relógio/watch: Swatch

Pulseira/charm bracelet: Juicy Couture

Bolsa/bag: Mango

Óculos escuros/sunglasses: RayBan



Bianca Papaleo


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